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The Role of Elevation on Species Diversity of Accipitridae family in Khorasan Provinces (Birds: Falconiformes)

Hamed Bidel1*, Mansour Aliabadian2 MSc., Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Environment and Energy, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran. (E-mail: hamedbidel [@] gmail.com, Phone Number: ). Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran. Abstract: Iran with a considerable diversity placed across three faunal realms, Palearctic, Oriental and Ethiopian. The family of Accipitridae due to their conservation status has got a crucial state within other families of diurnal Birds of prey. In this study using more than one century occurrence data (1886-2013) the diversity pattern of Accipitridae family has been evaluated in ... Read More »

Study on Land Use/Cover Change and Urban Growth Modeling through Cellular Automata and Genetic Algorithm in Mashhad

Hamed Bidel[1]*, hamedbidel [@] gmail.com Ali Asghar Alesheikh2, Nematollah Khorasani3, Alieh Hajizadeh4 Abstract Land use has always been one of the most important indicators through which man affects his surrounding environment. Land use change is a man-made intervention whereas vegetation change is a natural phenomenon. Generally, climate change and technological and economic factors are the main determinants of the change at spatial and temporal scales.. Each study may vary depending on its particular need. For example, any change from urban use/cover is primarily treated as urban development. The present study, which is based on theoretical and practical results of earlier ... Read More »

Study the Relationship between Landuse Change and Topographic Parameters in Mashhad County

Mehdi Gholamalifard1 Iman Fatehi2 Hamed Bidel3* hamedbidel [@] gmail.com Bahareh Ghafouri4 Abstract Change detection of land during time series is very important for making optimal decisions about land management through understanding the interactions between human and natural phenomena. In this study, changes in land-use of Mashhad County were investigated in relation to topographic conditions using Landsat images of 1987, 2001 and 2014. Land-use map was created using visual interpretation method with six classes including bare lands, dry lands, forest, irrigated farming, range and urban. Finally, changes of land-use in relation to topographic components (elevation, slope, aspect) were studied. Results showed ... Read More »