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Can you tell me a little about Ashurah?

Can you tell me a little about Ashurah? Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. The Shiite Muslims commemorate the Battle of Karbala and consider this a month of sadness and mourning. Ashurah is the day Husayn Ibn Ali , the grandson of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) , was martyred along with his family members and friends in the Battle of Karbala. This month is period of intense grief and mourning. Clergymen give sermons with themes of Hussein’s personality and position in Islam, and the history of his uprising. The clergymen retell the Battle of Karbala ... Read More »

Hamed Bidel CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Hamed Bidel Birth: Mashhad, Iran. (Jan 24, 1988) Citizenship: Iran, Islamic Rebublic of Email1: Email2: Website: Cell Phone: Address: PO BOX: EDUCATION BSc. Land Use Planning and Assessment (Environmental Science), Islamic Azad University Tehran Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran. (2012-2014) MSc. Natural Resources Engineering – Environment, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran. (2007-2011)   RESEARCH INTERESTS Land Use Change Land Use Planning and Modeling Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Environmental Modeling Species and Biodiversity Urban Growth Modeling Spatial Analysis   WEBSITE http://environmentalscience.ir : general and specialized information about environmental sciences with my design and ... Read More »

Well come to hamedbidel.ir

Well come to hamedbidel.ir I’ll load English content soon. I promise! Read More »

What’s Cellular Automata (CA)?

Cellular automata are like “Life”, only better! Find out how scientists use these models to study the dynamics of ecosystems, of fluid flows, gas dynamics, sand piles, magnetic materials, waves . . .  . “Automata” means the possible conditions are represented by a discrete set of states, with rules for transitions from state to state. Spatial structure is incorporated by dividing the domain up into discrete “cells” and by making the transition rules depend on not only the state of the cell itself but also of its neighbors. These models can give a lot of understanding into the role of ... Read More »