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Hamed Bidel CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Hamed Bidel CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Hamed Bidel

  • Birth: Mashhad, Iran. (Jan 24, 1988)
  • Citizenship: Iran, Islamic Rebublic of
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  • BSc. Land Use Planning and Assessment (Environmental Science), Islamic Azad University Tehran Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran. (2012-2014)
  • MSc. Natural Resources Engineering – Environment, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran. (2007-2011)



  • Land Use Change
  • Land Use Planning and Modeling
  • Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Modeling
  • Species and Biodiversity
  • Urban Growth Modeling
  • Spatial Analysis





  • Iran Association of Environmental Experts (2015)
  • Iranian Society of Environmentalists (IRSEN) (2013 until now)
  • Iranian Society of Environmental Assessment (2013 until now)
  • Iranian Society of GIS/RS (2013 until now)
  • Iranian Agriculture and Natural Resources Engineering Organization (2011 until now)


  • Iran Architectural and Urban Planning Research Center (Expert) (2012-2013)
  • Mashhad Municipality, Department of Environment and Sustainable Development (Expert) (2015 until now)


GIS and RS Softwares (ArcGIS, IDRISI and etc.) and GPS. EndNote.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Graphical Software (Adobe Photoshop and etc.)

Website creation, Web Content Management Systems (Open Journals System, Joomla, WordPress, Nuke, …),

HTML programming and a low level PHP and CSS.

A few C++, MATLAB.


  • Hamed Bidel, Jamal Noghrei, Hadiseh Jalali; 2011; A study on geographical distribution and species diversity of Accipitridae family using GIS in Iran. Thesis for: BSc, Advisor: Mansour Aliabadian.
  • Hamed Bidel; 2014; The study land use/cover change and urban growth modeling with Cellular Automata and genetic algorithms in Mashhad. Thesis for: MSc, Advisor: Aliasghar Alesheikh, Nematollah Kaorasani.
  • Hamed Bidel*, Alieh Hajizadeh; 2016; Using cellular automata and genetic algorithms for simulation and predicting urban growth; (in Progress)
  • Hamed Bidel*, Mansour Aliabadian; 2015; The Role of Elevation on Species Diversity of Accipitridae family in Khorasan Provinces (Birds: Falconiformes), Natural Environment. (in Press)
  • Iman Fatehi, Hamed Bidel, Sajjad Shirazi, Hosein Yazdandad*; 2013; Urban parks, one of urban sustainable development components, The 1st national conference on solutions to access sustainable development in agriculture, natural resources and the environment (sdconf), At Tehran-Iran.
  • Mahdi Gholamalifard, Iman Fatehi, Hamed Bidel*, Bahare Ghafouri; Study the Relationship between Land use Change and Topographic Parameters in Mashhad County. (in Press)
  • Hamed Bidel*, Jamal Noghrei, Mansour Aliabadian; 2015; Investigate the situation and richness of Accipitridae family on the basis of historical data in Iran. Twelfth National Conference on Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Assessment Association of Iran, At Tehran-Iran.
  • Hamed Bidel, Ali Asghar Alesheikh, Nematollah Khorasani, Study on Land Use/Cover Change and Urban Growth Modeling through Cellular Automata and Genetic Algorithm in Mashhad. (in Press)


Other Publication

Hamed Bidel, Automatic Vectorization in ArcGIS

Hamed Bidel, Principles of Land Use-Cover Change Detection with IDRISI

Hamed Bidel, Little English-Persian Glossary of the Ornithology

Hamed Bidel, An Applied Guide to Satellite Data and Product Detection, Observation and Receive: Part1 University of Maryland

Hamed Bidel, An Applied Guide to Satellite Data and Product Detection, Observation and Receive: Part3 USGS Earth Explorer

Hamed Bidel, Fuzzy Locate approach in ArcGIS

Other online Learning publication on GIS and RS

Other Activities

  • Environmental science web portal design and administration.
  • A Persian journal finder system design and administration.
  • Founder and former secretary of the Amateur Astronomy Club of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
  • Secretary of the students’ environmental scientific association of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
  • Central Council Member of Green Thinkers Club of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
  • Certification: The American Association for Advancement the Science (AAAS) Publishing Workshop Certification. (July, 2015 Tehran)
  • Certification: Quality Management system (ISO9001:2008)-TÜV Rheinland.
  • Work on many research projects at “Iran’s Researches and Studies Center of Architectural and Urban Planning” And “Mashhad Municipality”.


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